Why I made Every Day Dogs

We've always been asked as to why we started EDD. (Every Day Dogs)

The main reason is these two:

This is Blue and Dudey. My two 12-year-old Jack Russells. You could say their unique names, match their quirky personalities.

Blue is the more outgoing of the two. He's constantly hyperactive and looking to play and cause trouble. If he's not running around trying to play with one of his chew toys, he's trying to catch the rabbits over the fields. He's a diva you could say, but I wouldn't change him for the world.

This is Dudey, Dudey is a strange name you may ask. At the prime age of 10 years old. I was tasked with naming this dog. A 10-year-old me thought it would be a brilliant idea to name her Dudey. God knows what I was thinking.

Dudey has always been a brilliant guard dog, the first one to shoot out in the garden as soon as anyone walks past. You can always hear her. She constantly wants cuddle's love and attention. She takes charge out of our two dogs.

I made EDD as I want to share my stories and passion for dogs with you. I want to provide information for new dog owners. So that they know the best way to look after, train and reward their dogs. With my dogs getting older now, I hope to share and pass on what I have learned looking after them over the years. As well as sharing all the funny situations and stories I've had with these two.

Pictures of the dogs getting in the world cup spirit the other year.

Please get in contact and share your dog-related stories with us!

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