Welcome To Every Day Dogs

So after months of production, research and lots of coffee we are finally open for business. 

I'm a dog lover, I prefer them to humans. Sorry people. let's be honest we could all learn something from them. The relationship between an owner and dog is so unique. 

There's nothing better than having a bad day at work, coming indoors and seeing their faces light up as you walk in. It's the small things in life, that make the big difference.  

The Reason I made Every Day Dogs was so that I could share my passion for dogs whilst also improving their lifestyles. Every Day Dogs main objective is to make sure that no dog ever goes without. No Dog should ever just be a Christmas present. Their part of the family and should always be treated that way.

An objective and a plan for Every Day Dogs. Is that one day each purchase, a small percentage of the fee can go to a suitable dog charity. This is just the beginning. We aim to be the number 1 Dog brand in the UK. We are ready to show you our products and online service are the best in the market.

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