Cody Vs The BBQ

This is Cody. Cody is a one-year-old Labrador. He likes to live life on the edge. If he's not chasing birds around the garden, he's running away with the kid's football at the park. 

The other weekend Cody's Mum and Dad hosted a BBQ. Cody was very excited  He had never experienced so many people in the house, bless him. All these people, all this attention. He almost overloaded.


Cody only had eyes, for one thing, that day, the burgers Dad was making for everyone. Dad placed them on the rear side of the BBQ, to let the sausages cook.

The stage was set, everyone was occupied. Either playing beer pong, socializing or watching my beloved Arsenal get well beaten by Liverpool. Cody had his chance.

He made his way between the sofas. Up through the conservatory doors, past the pool table and straight for the BBQ. Cody misjudged one small factor when jumping up for the burgers, he's a growing puppy. 

Cody caught a couple of burgers in his mid-jump, he managed to knock the BBQ., knocking over everything in his path. There was no BBQ that day!

Moral of the story: Share the BBQ food with Cody next time!




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